My Next Project

Reframe Studios

We make individual films that advocate for reduced prison sentences.


Our team is seeking startup funding to launch Reframe Studios, a nonprofit organization that will produce sentencing mitigation films for low-income clients.

Our nation’s mass incarceration system routinely sentences people to long periods of time in prison – even when data suggests it doesn’t make us safer, save the government money, or help those in prison improve their lives. But what if individual documentaries could make a change in the length of those sentences?

Sentencing mitigation films are a new phenomenon but have a bright future in criminal justice reform. These films inject time into a process that is fast, and force judges and prosecutors to see the human in front of them. Another criminal justice advocate put it to me this way:

“Before we decide to put a human into a cage for X number of years, they should probably at least get a video.”

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